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So here I am, Writing my first blog post, on my first website! Who’s life is this?


…Oh wait…




Tattered & Pratts has been a hidden gem of a dream for so long. I have held the idea of pursing a career as a surface pattern designer close to my heart. I was not sure if I was brave enough to show up in such a ‘grand gesture’, to acknowledge my goals, take action and lean into the creative fire in my soul…but here I am. Finding the courage to be vulnerable and sitting in the knowing that I am on the right path. Dreaming big is a gift, having a way to achieve that dream is life giving.

I am looking forward to continuing to learn my craft, pitching my portfolio to companies that I admire, connecting with like minded business owners, and seeing my work live in the world.

I hope this blog  becomes an extension of what I love about Tattered & Pratts, a way for you to connect with me,  a home to share fun projects, and admire together this crazy little thing called life.

Thank you for being here!

Love always, Jess